Friday, March 6, 2015

Matta's Art

Last summer, August 2014, my family was blessed with a special trip to Athens. I had arranged for a local tour guide through, not knowing for sure what we'd get. It turned out to be Matta. What a gift. Since then we've been pleased to send two other friends to her care to tour Athens and Greece.

I now invite you to visit her business, MATTA Eco Global, her hand-made art.


What is MATTA Eco Global?
MATTA Eco is a global initiative that fuses unique hand-made artwork, ecological consciousness, global networking, and cultural entrepreneurship. Based out of the Netherlands and spanning countries in Europe, South America and the U.S., MATTA Eco runs on the fuel of principles and values of our common future, such as recycling, artistic creativity, global collaboration and the rising of all boats!
The mission of Matta Eco Global team is to spread Matta’s Eco Art and to encourage other Greeks and entrepreneurs around the world in their creative projects regardless of circumstances. The profits of Matta’s Eco Art go directly to the creator, Matta, and in part, to support other Greek entrepreneurial and artistic initiatives. Matta Eco Global represents to the world the future image of entrepreneurship, one which is not solely focused on the bottom-line, rather on economic justice, eco sustainability and global collaboration.
The MATTA Eco Global Team: South America, Africa, U.S.A., Europe
Matta the Person. Behind the “Unique, and conscious ECO Art” is Matta Koulouridi, the Greek artist who is also a retired French teacher, a world traveler, and a lover of Life and all living things. Now in her late 60s, Matta has been fortunate to have traveled to many parts of the world and has friends all over the world. Those who know Matta are not surprised to learn that she is caring for the latest abandoned street kitten, opening her home to an immigrant in Athens, or proudly giving tours of the ancient Greek ruins in her country to the friend of a friend of a friend.
As all Greeks, Matta has been deeply affected by the economic downturn. Although Matta made diligent plans for her retirement through teaching and artwork, she now faces financial difficulties due mainly to irresponsible political policies and economic fluctuations. Although her new economic restraints no longer allowed her to purchase expensive materials to create her art, she began to use what was available: from colored glass washed up on the sea shores of Greece, to beautifully printed plastic bags, to scrap pieces of silk and lace
She also opened her simple artist studio and apartment in Athens, Greece as a Bed & Breakfast to tourists. Matta’s can-do attitude and perseverance to continue her work in spite of the circumstances has been recognized by people around the world who had been helped by Matta at various point in their lives. Inspired by her unique artwork and her positive attitude, they decided to help her by creating a global ‘echo’ to spread Matta Eco Art around the world. MATTA Eco Global was thus born.
The Product: MATTA Eco Art
Each piece of MATTA Eco art is hand crafted and made with the utmost loving care. Matta’s work is a collection of limited production, resulting in one-of-a-kind product. Matta loves to work with all sorts of mediums; however, materials most used include silver (925), brass, copper, glass (usually gleaned from the shore of the seas), wood, lace and durable rubber and plastic; also recycled items such as pieces of antique jewelry or ancient stones of all kinds.
To view Matta’s art online:

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