Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday time read with Jody Day

Washout Express

Washout Express
Jody Day

About the Book
Bailey Brown has just lost her job, her birthright, and her fiancé. Loaded with enough insecurities to fill a suitcase, she prays for God to show her the way and then hits the road feeling like the ultimate loser.

Exit 477: Washout Express.

The roadside sign taunts Bailey. Is God confirming she's expressly washed-up? Or does He have something better for her waiting at the end of the exit ramp?

Ebook 2.99

Inspirational Romance
Short book
Harbourlight Books
June 2013


My Review: 
Looking for a cutie quick holiday read? Jody Day’s Washout Express will fit the bill!

You just know when the story opens with a devastating and cruel breakup, the sweeter the real romance that follows. And that’s exactly what you get.

I love less than twig perfect runway model heroines and six-pack ab heroes. If you like real people doing real, but sweetly heroic things like running into a fire to save mementos and proposing a lot, and realizing that bolstering each other in faith is truly the most important part of any relationship, Washout Express is for you.

Told in dramatic first person, Day’s Bailey Brown will grab your sympathy from page one. The author winds a mystery letter through the story, tantalizing the reader with its contents. Bailey meets the overworked young man, Scott, the owner of the truck wash business on Exit 477 in Texas, who holds the keys to her true purpose. I loved Bailey’s mom, Gwen, and especially Scott’s dad, Peeps. In fact, I enjoyed the story so much I bought the sequel, Wedding Express.

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