Friday, December 30, 2016

The Wedding Express with Jody Day

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Sequel to The Washout Express
Inspirational romantic novella

Scott West is about to marry the woman of his dreams, but when delayed grief and a life-or-death event jeopardizes their relationship, Scott is forced to ask himself what kind of man he really is. Can he own up to the truth and risk losing the love of his life? And if he does come clean, will it be enough for Bailey? Discover the power of hope, forgiveness, and love in Wedding Express.

November 2016
Harbourlight Books
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My review:
Scott takes a turn to tell his side of his romance with Bailey. He may have only met her a few months ago, but he’s had a washout engagement years past and knows this time Bailey is the right woman. Whether or not it’s the right time is the big question. When his former fiancĂ© reenters his life in a frighteningly dependent way, both Scott and Bailey play truth or consequences for life.

This story takes up right after Washout Express. Set in a quaint Texas community, readers who love miracles and spectacular weddings will have fun with this story. It’s not necessary to read the first story to fall in love with these characters and their story in the Wedding Express. Told from multiple viewpoints, the reader is carried along by the whirlwind events of loss, a medical emergency, and surprise knots of every kind. It’s short and sweet.

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