Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Stone Giver military fiction from Buffy Andrews

The Stone Giver

The Stone Giver
Buffy Andrews

c. September 2016
Ebook $3.99
Print $11.99

Full length book
Mainstream post-military romance

About the Book:
When a stone is thrown...ripples are created... A woman who has lost her way. A man crippled by war. What brings them together also pulls them apart. Zara Peede's growing feelings for her patient, soldier Jack Quinlan, scare the Walter Reed Medical Center nurse. Jack, a double amputee, is as wounded in spirit as he is in body. Jack's pain reflects her own grief for her lost brother, a fellow soldier who died in Afghanistan. Does she truly care for Jack, or are both of them just searching for someone to hold onto through their pain? To find out-and in search of her purpose-Zara flees, leaving Jack with only a note and a gift she doesn't fully understand herself. A stone. When Zara and Jack reconnect at an event in New York, they discover that some ripples last a lifetime. Will theirs?

My review:
From the shocking opening sequence of events to a satisfying conclusion, Andrews’s new romance show her penchant for well-researched and well-resourced stories. Readers are drawn right into the world of pain and recovery, anxiety and grief and rehabilitation as Jack makes the decision to find wholeness. Zara, one of his nurses, decides to shift course when Jack becomes that last patient who makes her work too personal. She only knows her new independence must include making a difference for others. An idea takes hold for a non-profit business that rewards encouragement and positive actions of others. Zara learns that a life of building on the success and joys of others spread out a wave of hope. When Jack and Zara cross paths again, they are able to take time without pressure and stress and pain to explore a relationship. 

Told in multiple viewpoints, this mainstream story tackles real questions of double amputees. The characters and dialog are lifelike, and overcoming problems handled in an empathy-inducing manner. Sexual scenarios and some swearing, along with bar scenes, are a natural part of the story. Readers will experience all the sweat, blood, and nightmares of the recovery process.

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