Friday, January 20, 2017

Talking A Life Transformed by Sana Edoja

Please welcome Sana Edoja from France. Sana is a former atheist who found the Lord and shares here experience of living the Christ-filled life through her writing. Her books are KNOWING GOD and the recently published A LIFE TRANSFORMED.
    "It took me more than twelve years to finish writing my book A Life Transformed," Sana says. "Actually, I started writing it before my son was born. He is eleven years old today. I didn't understand why I added more writing and editing for all those years.
     God taught me perseverance in receiving emotional healing through those years. I had to get my emotional turmoil out of my system by sharing it with the world. It was therapeutic in revealing the power of God's transformation in my life.

What are you reading now?
    I'm reading a book called Supernaturally Natural from a French pastor. It is teaching me how to be more spiritual on a daily basis.

What’s next for you?
I'm planning on promoting my book A Life Transformed and writing more articles on my blog. I'm taking a break from work to strengthen myself with God. I'm learning my identity in Christ and the importance of building my confidence in God's presence. I've recently graduated in becoming a jobseeker adviser. It is a tough for a beginner when you are confronted to professionals' criticism. During my intimacy with God, I listened to His words of healing and encouragement. God helps me to have a sense of comfort, unconditional love and protection. I've enrolled in a Bible course as we are perishing without God's knowledge. I'm working on dealing with my pride in order to become more humble. I'm focusing my thoughts on the word of God in order to make any progress in fulfilling the plan of God for my life.

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“I was troubled by a traumatic childhood, a victim of child abuse and bullying. I often felt depressed, humiliated and resentful. I turned to fortune tellers. I found myself caught up in negative thoughts. But it was only when I turned to God that I was able to experience feelings of hope. “Life Transformed” is a testimony to the work of God in restoring one person’s life. Be challenged in learning what God can do in the midst of despair.”

Also from Sana Edoja, KNOWING GOD: 

"Knowing God" can be very challenging in the world we are living in today, especially with the circumstances of life shown to us by the media."I have written Knowing God with the clear intention and determination to help those who are looking for the truth to have a better understanding of God as the Bible intends... I pray that this book will be a source of encouragement and enlightenment to those who are seeking God and want to know Him in a much deeper way." Sana Edoja

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