Friday, January 6, 2017

Cute&Quick Holiday Reads

Mixed-up Christmas by Dixie Jo Jarchow

Mixed-Up Christmas
Dixie Jo Jarchow

Holiday cowboy romantic novella

Ebook 2.99
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About the book:
When rodeo superstar Mix Malone announces he’s retiring from the bull riding circuit, his family is furious. Mix is tired, hurt, and disillusioned, but broken bones and concussions are not good enough excuses for quitting, according to his family whose fortune is built on Mix’s success. They’ll do anything to keep him riding.

Blossom Deavers has always told her special education students to follow their dreams—but finds herself faltering in her own attempts to run the Outlaw Café. Making it work is a lot tougher than she’d ever imagined. She has no time or energy to waste on good-looking superstars who seem to have it all.

But when Mix Malone staggers into her café and passes out at a table during the blizzard of the century, she is drawn into a family brawl with no holds barred. Blossom discovers that she can’t just abandon him. Her already hectic life is about to get a lot more complicated when she sets herself against his family’s wishes and advises him to quit. 

My review:

Mad bulls and mothers from the pit color this cute gulp of a holiday read. A family secret and all the wonderful smells of a coffee shop in cowboy country lend depth to a story where a busted rider and a worn-out former teacher have to haul themselves up by their bootstraps and punch out their dreams. Delightful scenarios, some twists, miscommunication, and machismo wash over everything. Two are always better than one when tackling life.

All I Want For Christmas: A Sweet Serenade Christmas Novella

All I Want for Christmas
Janalyn Voigt

Holiday romantic inspirational romance novella
Ebook $.99

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About the Book:
Hailey may just give up on men entirely. When Corey broke her heart, her best friend Matt helped pick up the pieces. Matt made his interest in her no secret when they first met, but seemed happy to accept a friendship, at least until now. With Corey looking her way again, Matt has started acting funny.

If Matt wasn’t a cubicle worker who moonlights as a Seattle street musician, this could have been easy. Hailey can’t afford a drag on her ambitions. She needs to climb the career ladder to keep her childhood home, all she has left of her parents. 

After Amy ditched him for a man with more money, Matt isn’t about to tell Hailey that the fiddle he carries is a Stradivarius or that he owns a tuxedo. Let her love him for himself or not at all.

My review:

Quick and fun holiday bite of a read to keep your fun romance side going. A tale of mistaken identities, longing-for-more friendships, daily latte and office politics set in Seattle create a sweet story. The story of seeing what you want to see, having a hard time looking past your nose, and fearing failure and the future catch two people square at holiday time. Orphaned Hailey is good at her head job, but her artsy heart work may not pay the bills. If she was to fall in love, it would have to be with someone who won’t take advantage of her. Matt’s been burned a time too many and when he’s not being pursued for who he is, he can let his fun side out…only when confession time comes, he needs a stiff upper lip and the help of Hailey’s friend.

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