Thursday, November 6, 2014

Falling Like a Rock by Bonnie McCune book review

Falling Like a Rock
Bonnie McCune

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c. 2014

ISBN: 978-1500386474
Price 3.99, 13.99

Elaine Svoboda’s life feels like one teeter-totter escapade after another. On the hunt for a new position after her hospital marketing job is down-sized, she holes up with her fiance, only to discover he’s planning on ditching her for a new love.

She can’t go home with her tail between her legs, and jumps at the chance to find a new life, or at least lick her wounds for a while, when a college friend offers her a hideout in rural Colorado, a town named Falling Rock, with a mayor whose got tons of issues of his own.

Elaine’s world was built around being professional, though she needs a few lessons on gentleness. In an attempt to help her find meaningful work in this economically challenged community, Mayor Joe’s little sister, a nursing student, helps her work on a grant which would encourage healthy citizens. But what can be worse than a hunk of a mayor challenging the grant-writer to a weight-loss test? Mortification and perfectionism cause tension as these two butt heads along the way to trust and love.

A great tale of adventure, danger, and romance.

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  1. Falling Like a Rock sounds like an inspirational read. It would be quite a challenge to put life together again after losing a job and a fiancé.