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Snpgrdxz and the Time Monsters

You'll have as much fun trying to pronounce this books, as reading it.
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Snpgrdxz and the Time Monsters

Paul R. Lloyd

Snpgrdxz and the Time Monsters is available for Kindle for 2.99

Paul, what do you love about this book?
I love the way Bryan Ganarski took over the story. I know that’s not something that will be obvious to readers, but it proved to me that “seat of the pants” is the only way to write fiction. Snpgrdxz was supposed to be my big move into outlining the story before starting. I began with an Excel spreadsheet that outlined a quest journey for Snpgrdxz, a teenage space alien shape shifter who survived a flying saucer crash back in the forties. In his world, the teenage years last for about 150 earth-equivalent years, so he’s been a teenager for a long time with quite a while to go. According to plan, the mysterious men in black are after Snpgrdxz so they can slice, dice and analyze him. The story was supposed to be a teenage version of The Fugitive. Bryan Ganarski was supposed to be the Boswell character recording the adventures of Snpgrdxz. Instead, he recorded the adventures of a girl he has a crush on at the beginning of the story. Then the characters chase after a troll who kidnapped one of their friends and in the process, discovered a time portal. Snpgrdxz becomes a playful side character in a story that can best be described as Romeo and Juliet meet Back to the Future. Goodbye men in black. Goodbye 21st century. Goodbye Excel outline.

What do you hope readers will tell others about this book?
My novels are not for every reader, but those who love them will talk about the nonstop action. My readers usually tell me they couldn’t put the book down. This is often expressed as a complaint like: “I was up until two in the morning because I just had to finish it.” Snpgrdxz and the Time Monsters delivers that kind of action. Readers will talk about the love story between Bryan and Jennifer because it’s a first love for both of them which makes for awkward moments as they  sort through the complexities such as where your nose goes and how far to go without compromising your morals. Readers will want to talk about time travel and the way Jennifer runs into herself without disrupting the time/space continuum. With two Jennifers, will one go evil while the other stays good? Do they both want Bryan or will one find another love interest?

Share your best marketing tip
After 30 years as a marketing executive, I learned a couple of things. One is if you do nothing, nothing will happen. That’s the only guarantee in marketing. The other thing is there is no accounting for success. What one person did to succeed provides no indication that you can do the same thing and expect the same result. For example, how many people have followed Amanda Hocking’s formula for success and how many of them have sold any books doing so? So with this in mind, here’s my big tip of the day: Do the marketing things you enjoy doing because you’ll actually do them. So if blogging is your thing, then do it. If you prefer email campaigns, go for it. Make sure you love whatever it is so you’ll do it every day.  

About the Author:
Paul R. Lloyd explores the monsters and strangers among us in his fiction. His latest novel is the first in his new speculative fiction series. It mixes a group of teenagers, their time traveling high school art teacher, a fireman, and a teenaged space alien shape shifter on an adventure across time. The journey features a love story lost and found in time. Will love survive the journey or will the insanity of time travel destroy the lovers and their companions? Snpgrdxz and the Time Monsters,

Paul’s other novels include the noir thriller STEEL PENNIES, the horror story HAGS and his spiritual warfare take on the original Christmas story in FULFILLMENT. FULFILLMENT was published by Books. Paul publishes his other novels as an independent author.

His short fiction has appeared in the literary magazines Possibilities and Daedalus as well as the Canyon City Daily Record (Colorado) newspaper. He was the author of The Doctor Solves a Mystery series of mini-mysteries for the annual contest of the Physicians’ Benefits Trust, the insurance arm of the Illinois State Medical Society. Paul served as editor for The Goldring, a newsletter of puzzles and games published by one of Chicago’s premier marketing research firms. He also published Creative Challenges, his own newsletter of puzzles, games and mystery stories. His short fiction appears on his blog at

Paul’s fiction explores a world of offbeat characters that populate real places like the ancient Middle East, Wheaton, Illinois, Naperville, Illinois, and West Chester, Pennsylvania.  He reveals the horror and humor of the human condition while exploring themes such as cowardice in SNPGRDXZ AND THE TIME MONSTERS, forgiveness in HAGS, redemption in FULFILLMENT and the nature of love (and hate) in STEEL PENNIES.

Paul is president of FXX Enterprises, a technology start up offering un-hackable digital security. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Chicago’s western suburbs with his wife, the artist and author Lynn Zuk-Lloyd. Paul leads the Write Time Writers Group in Geneva, Illinois, and is a member of the Chicago Writers Association.

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