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MuseItUp Author Margaret Fieland Talks Space Aliens

Ebook $5.95
MuseItUp Publishing
July 2013

About the Book:
How about romance with aliens? A treason accusation? Brad Reynolds has his hands full. When Major Brad Reynolds is assigned to head the Terran Federation base on planet Aleyne, the last thing he expects to find is love, and certainly not with one of the alien Aleyni. How can he keep his lover, in the face of political maneuvering and of Ardaval's feelings for his former partners -- and theirs for him?

Margaret, tell us what you love about your book.
I wrote it to answer a question about back story in the first Aleyne novel, Relocated, when I wondered about what happened to Ardaval's former partners. The answer ended up as a single line in the original novel -- and Broken Bonds.

Introduce us to your favorite secondary character.
My favorite among the secondary characters is Imarin Namar, one of Ardaval's former partners. He walked out on Ardaval, an action he later deeply regretted. The force of his love and regret touched me deeply.

What did you learn in your research for this story?
It's a science fiction novel, so in a sense all of it is imaginary, but a trial features prominently in the book, and I did look into procedures of the International Court when I was writing some of the sections about the Interstellar Court in the book. My father was an attorney and a couple of his close friends were judges, so I had plenty of background in the basics, but there were still some things I wanted to check out.

What do you hope readers will tell others about it?
That they love the book and are eager to read more of the Aleyne novels.
 I also hope they enjoy the poetry I've included in the novel.

Can you share what’s coming next?
The fourth novel in the series, Rebellion, is coming from MuseItUp Publishing in the summer of 2015. It tells the story of Colonel Rob Walker, the man who arrests Brad Reynolds, the main character in Broken Bonds, for treason in Broken Bonds.

I've also started working on the fifth book, a prequel that details the first meeting between the Terrans and the Aleyni.

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About the Author:

Margaret  Fieland's poems and stories have appeared in journals such as Turbulence Magazine, Front Range Review, and All Rights Reserved. She is the author of  Relocated, Geek Games, and Broken Bonds, published by MuseItUp Publishing , and of Sand in the Desert, a collection of science fiction persona poems. A chapter book is due out later this year.

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