Tuesday, August 9, 2016

He's Still Working Miracles free book Aug 9

He's Still Working Miracles:  Daring To Ask God for the Impossible
Dana Rongione

About the Book:
The Bible is full of the impossible. The parting of the Red Sea. The crumbling of Jericho's walls. Jesus walking on the water. A multitude being fed with one boy's lunch. A Father sacrificing His own Son for fallen mankind. And now, Christian author and Bible teacher, Dana Rongione, wants to take you on a tour to explore what God has done, what He's capable of doing, and how He works in the lives of His children.
Each chapter of He's Still Working Miracles highlights a story in the New Testament where an ordinary person met an extraordinary God and gives application of how these encounters relate to your own life and circumstances.
You are not alone in your struggles. You don't have to face your heartaches alone. Call out to the One who cares. The One who can make a difference. The one and only God of possibilities.
In this book, you will:
·         Learn to identify miracles in your own life.
·         Understand how to apply the principles of Biblical miracles to specific circumstances that the Bible doesn't address.
·         Discover compelling reasons why keeping the faith is so difficult, yet imperative.
·         Be encouraged and inspired to stay on course with God for years to come.
·         Glean valuable insight from each story's unfolding and conclusion.
·         Learn how to pray and accept God's will in every situation.
·         Find the answer to the question, “Does God still work miracles?”
It's time to lay your questions and doubts to rest. The God of yesterday is the God of today. He is still watching. He is still working. And He is still doing miracles.
Limited Time Offer:
Sign up to receive a free Kindle copy of the book on launch day, August 9thhttp://stillworkingmiracles.weebly.com
About the Author:

Dana Rongione is the author of several Christian books, including the highly-praised Giggles and Grace devotional series for women.  A dedicated wife and doggie “mom,” Dana lives in Greenville, SC, where she spends her days writing and reaching out to the hurting and discouraged.  Connect with her at DanaRongione.com, and be sure to sign up for her daily devotions.

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