Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Prepare for your Christmas list with short fiction from Victoria Minks

Wind Chimes: Christmas Story Collection
Victoria Minks

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Anthology of Christmastime short stories

Christmas is a day of forgiveness, love, God, and family, no matter where you live or when you lived. These stories will take you somewhere long ago, and yet much like today.

With a touch of humor and a family-loving gentleness, these stories carry all the hope of Christmas. 

The Wind Chimes-- Still bitter over a hurtful mistake a year ago, Martin Roebuck meets the despised doctor on Christmas Eve.

The Two Runaways-- Lost while running away from home, Albert Russell is taken in by an old man, who seems to also have past grievances.

On the Fourth Floor-- Though living on the same floor, George Nolan and Christin Rimmers overlook each other-- until a common challenge brings them together the night before Christmas Eve.

The Spinster-- Wanting to avoid Christmas loneliness, Milly Lambert finds herself in the cabin of an old woman who holds a wise secret.

The Broken Man-- Criminal Arch Fisher attempts to take advantage of a kindly old settler in the woods, but things go miserably awry.

Winifred's Adventure-- Elderly couple Amias and Winifred Hambly--eager for an uncommon life--discover a dying mother the day before Christmas.

My review:
I learned of this young author through a review opportunity for her second book titled Jonas and Olivia http://livingourfaithoutloud.blogspot.com/2016/07/new-fiction-from-victoria-minks.html. Minks has a lovely sense of story and fluid, mature writing style which can only grow better the more she practices and grows her craft. I love short stories and enjoyed each of the six Minks put together for a historical Christmas anthology. The stories take place in America and England.

The stories are described well. Each is layered in motivation and ethics, with a sense of moral minority under skirting each theme. Even though the author will continue to advance in mechanics, I was awed by the character development in each little bite of story, the natural dialog and her ability to set place and time. Well done. Enjoy this book and watch for more work from this author.

About the Author:

Victoria MinksVictoria Minks was born in Oklahoma but moved to Japan as a missionary kid at age 3. Since then, she has enjoyed the life of a foreigner in four different locations in Japan and has traveled all across America twice with her family.

She was saved at age 5 and is surrendered to doing whatever God wants her to do in her life. She is excited about the future, looking forward to see what God will do. 

An avid bookworm ever since she can remember, she has cultivated a desire for telling stories since a young age, and still has hordes of old manuscripts from her first 15 years of life that she's too embarrassed to show anybody but too sentimental to throw out. 

When she was 16 she began the first novel she decided was going to get published, whatever the cost. Since then she has written multiple more books, all in various stages of the process to publication. A self-taught Jack-of-all-trades, she takes pleasure in learning how to web design, format books, create book covers, edit, market, budget, and finance everything. 

Homeschooled by her mum, she enjoys anything involving history, literature, language, or art.

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