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Talking with Marc Kerry from Time Trap by Danele Rotharmel

Meet Marc Kerry
Character from Time Trap by Danele J. Rotharmel

Today, I’m talking with Marc Kerry, a professional time counselor with the Temporal Counseling Program at National Science University. Marc, can you tell us what time counseling entails?

Sure, Lisa! Time counseling is a unique—and sometimes dangerous—profession. TEMCO’s main objective is targeting death-row offenders for time-based counseling. It’s my job to travel back through time and counsel criminals while they’re children. Many times, I’m able to put the children on a better path so that when they grow up, they avoid a life of crime.

You mentioned that time counseling can be dangerous. How so?

Sometimes, time counselors encounter unexpected events. For instance, a few years ago, a student cadet encountered a serial killer during her field exam. Gil almost lost her life.

Has anything like that happened to you?

I’m happy to say that it hasn’t. But a time counselor always has to be prepared. Danger is part of the job.

Does TEMCO take precautions to keep you safe?

Of course! Since Gil’s deadly assignment, time counselors always travel in pairs. And student cadets are no longer allowed to handle criminal cases—they’re assigned suicide preventions. Speaking of which, two cadets, Phoebe and Drake, are about to tackle their field exam. I just ran into them on campus. Director Matthews and Dr. Nelson were going to tie up some last-minute details and then send them through a temporal portal.

Will Phoebe and Drake be in danger?

Probably not. Danger isn’t likely during a cadet-handled suicide prevention. Besides, TEMCO has top-notch lab technicians who constantly monitor the timeline. This helps ensure the safety of time counselors in the field.

Marc, you blushed when you mentioned TEMCO’s lab technicians. I’ve heard that one of the techs, Crystal Stuart, has caught your eye.

That may be true, but I’m not sure what to do about it. Crystal and I had a fight several years ago, and she refuses to talk with me.

If you try hard enough, I’m sure you can patch things up and grab her attention.

I don’t know, Lisa. I’d like to think that my famous “Kerry Charisma” could charm her, but Cris has a mind of her own—and that stubborn mind of hers is determined to hold a grudge. I wish she’d forgive me. She’s a fascinating woman.

Marc, thank you so much for talking with me. I want to wish you luck on your next assignment…and also luck with Crystal.

Thank you, Lisa! I appreciate it.

About Time Trap:
 When problems arise during a field exam, Director Peter Matthews and Dr. Laura Nelson are sent through a time portal to investigate.  While they search for their missing cadets, they encounter an enemy who is calculating and brutal—a mysterious nemesis who is holding a grudge against the TEMCO program.  As Peter and Laura race to unravel clues directing them to their kidnapped cadets, their own survival comes into question.  A deadly trap has been set, and they are forced to pit their wits against a serial killer who is intent on playing a deadly chess game through time itself. 

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 About Danele J. Rotharmel 

Danele Rotharmel’s life took an unexpected turn when a mysterious illness brought her close to death. Eventually, she learned that a carbon monoxide leak from a faulty furnace was poisoning her. This poisoning triggered Multiple Chemical Sensitivity causing her to be put in quarantine. For seven years, she could only talk to friends and extended family through a windowpane. During this time, she wrote the first six books in The Time Counselor Chronicles.  Although her journey back to health was difficult, it provided her the opportunity to grow closer to God and write her books. For that, she’s forever thankful. To learn more about Danele, visit her blog:  

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  1. I plan to start reading your first book this week. This book has also been on my TBR list. Time Trap sounds so good!!!

    1. Wow, Becky!! That's wonderful! You've just made my day! Thank you so much! I hope you really love my books!!!

  2. Dear Lisa, I had such a BLAST with this interview!! Thank you for extending the hospitality of your lovely website to Marc and to me! This was such a fun experience!

    1. I love your characters, Danele. They have lives of their own and are so interview-entertaining. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the next character coming soon.

    2. Thank you, Lisa! That's high praise! Like you, I can't wait for the next character interview either! Marc and Crystal are so much fun. The people who read Marc's interview will get a smile when they read Crystal's on September 2nd. The two interviews play off each other. Thanks again for this opportunity! It's been a blast!

  3. I'm currently reading "Time Trap". It's wonderfully entertaining!

    1. That's fantastic, Carlene!! I'm so glad that you are enjoying "Time Trap!" Hearing that makes me so happy!!! I hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Fun interview with Marc. I loved the book.

    1. Danele's definitely got a great sense of story, doesn't she?

    2. Dear Ann, I'm so glad that you enjoyed this interview! I really enjoy Marc and Crystal. Their relationship always keeps me in stitches!