Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Phoebe Reynolds from Time Trap by Danele Rotharmel

Meet Phoebe Reynolds
Character from Time Trap by Danele J. Rotharmel

Today, I’m talking with Phoebe Reynolds, a senior cadet in the Temporal Counseling Program at National Science University. Phoebe, I’ve heard that you’re about to take your field exam. Can you tell us more about the test?

Sure, Lisa! In order to earn my Time-Counselor License, I have to pass a field exam. For four years, I’ve been studying about time travel. Now, I have the opportunity to surf timewaves myself! I can’t wait!

How far into the past will you be traveling, and what will you be doing?

Unfortunately, because of TEMCO protocol, I can’t give specifics. However, I can say that I’ll be traveling about ten years into the past, and my case subject is a girl named Nicki. She’s a fourteen-year-old artist who is about to commit suicide. It’ll be my job to convince Nicki that life is worth living.

I’ve heard that because of new field-exam protocol, cadets are now teamed with partners. Can you tell us a little about your partner?

My partner is Drake Procerus, another senior cadet. I’m really looking forward to working with him.

You just blushed. Is there something going on between you two?

Not yet, but… Lisa, all of the girls wanted partnered with Drake. He’s so cute. When he looks at me, my bones melt. It’s been so much fun going through the preliminary stages of testing with him. I’m hoping that once we’re out in the field, I can really catch his eye. Gil, one of TEMCO’s former cadets, fell in love during her field exam. Why couldn’t it happen to me?... Not that I won’t be focused on Nicki, of course. Nicki is my first priority.

Are field exams dangerous?

Not usually. Gil ended up facing a serial killer during her exam, but I don’t think that will happen to me. After all, I’m just dealing with a suicidal teenager. What could be dangerous about that? Besides, I’ll have Drake as my partner. I feel completely safe.

You just went pale and shivered. Why?

I’m not sure… I just had the strangest feeling… Never mind, I’m just being silly. It’s just a case of nerves. I know that everything will be fine. Field exams are safe—at least, most of the time.

Phoebe, thanks for being with us today, I wish you the best with your exam.

Thanks, Lisa. I can’t wait to make a difference in Nicki’s life!

And what about catching Drake’s eye?

I can’t wait to do that too!

About Time Trap:
 When problems arise during a field exam, Director Peter Matthews and Dr. Laura Nelson are sent through a time portal to investigate.  While they search for their missing cadets, they encounter an enemy who is calculating and brutal—a mysterious nemesis who is holding a grudge against the TEMCO program.  As Peter and Laura race to unravel clues directing them to their kidnapped cadets, their own survival comes into question.  A deadly trap has been set, and they are forced to pit their wits against a serial killer who is intent on playing a deadly chess game through time itself. 

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 Danele J. Rotharmel 

Danele Rotharmel’s life took an unexpected turn when a mysterious illness brought her close to death. Eventually, she learned that a carbon monoxide leak from a faulty furnace was poisoning her. This poisoning triggered Multiple Chemical Sensitivity causing her to be put in quarantine. For seven years, she could only talk to friends and extended family through a windowpane. During this time, she wrote the first six books in The Time Counselor Chronicles.  Although her journey back to health was difficult, it provided her the opportunity to grow closer to God and write her books. For that, she’s forever thankful. To learn more about Danele, visit her blog:  

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  1. Dear Lisa, thanks for featuring Phoebe on your blog today! This was such a fun interview! Thank you for doing it!

  2. Loved hear a little more about Phoebe. She is a neat character in the book and you all are going to love her.
    Thanks Danele and Lisa for sharing with us,

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this interview, Renette! I had such a blast pretending to be Phoebe!

  3. Replies
    1. Dear Ann, I really enjoyed doing this interview with Lisa! I'm glad that you thought it was fun too! I hope you have a lovely day! Thanks for commenting!

  4. I've read Time Trap and thoroughly enjoyed it, but don't want to give away what happens to Phoebe.

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Time Trap, Gail!! Hearing that makes me very happy! I've always thought that Phoebe is an incredibly special character. I'm glad that you like her too!